Silent whistle, frequency protection

Dogs mainly react on tones and acoustical signals but not on speech. They learn easier if the tones and acoustical signals stay the same. The Silent Whistle is ideal for the dogs’ education.

Silent Whistles made of metal are available with and without frequency protections. Dogs are hearing in another frequency range than human beings. You can profit from this when you use whistles which sounds are in such a high frequency range that humans do not hear or do almost not hear the whistling. The constant frequency (individually adjustable with the frequency protection) guarantees that your dog gets clearly transmitted orders. Variations in your voice (e.g. nervous vibrations) which could throw your dog will be avoided that way. At the same time you prevent that your surroundings gets annoyed by loud noises. The pitch of the silent whistle will be perceived by the dogs because of their bigger audio frequency. It can be set by the small screw, which is under the plastic cap. (if you can not detach the cap, please hold the silent whistle under warm water). 


with frequency protection

individually tunable

avoids disturbances

with ring for fixing a cord


The best training results are achieved when dog and master are having fun during the training and feel experiences of success. A basic rule says: Correct behaviour has to be rewarded and consequently repeated.