131001 Flexi classic 1- 5m ,2-5

 Flexi classic 1. It is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small…

119,00Kr  113,05Kr

131200 Flexi classic 3-5m

Classic 3
   For large dogs up to approx. 50 kg

175,00Kr  166,25Kr

131301 Flexi Giant

• 8 metre tape leash
• For especially large and powerful dogs up to approx. 75 kg
• Stable soft grip

519,00Kr  493,05Kr

157031 Hurtta life jacket

By dressing your dog in a life jacket, , you can greatly improve its safety in the dark.  The reflecting…

198,00Kr  149,00Kr

Black friday Hurtta Pro winter jacket color blue

The Hurtta Pro winter jacket keeps your dog warm in the cold. Designed to protect the main muscle groups…

550,00Kr  250,00Kr

Dog tshirt seaman

The T-shirts are made from cotton and are very fashionable, especially if used with bib pants or lady…

119,00Kr  93,75Kr

Hurtta Chill stopper-zootropic.se

Hurtta Chili stopper-zootropic.se The light Chill Stopper jacket intended for cold and windy weather. The comfortable Soft Shell material is known…

575,00Kr  460,00Kr

Hurtta cooling coat

Cooling vest makes it more comfortable for the dog in hot weather and strong solksken.produkten is ideal for summer training…

399,00Kr  300,00Kr

Hurtta lifeguard padded harness

ACCESSORIES Padded harness Colour Yellow, orange, pink Size 35-120 Description This Neoprene-padded reflective harness is an ergonomic alternative to…

239,00Kr  143,40Kr

Hurtta lifeguard storm Hoodie

The Storm Hoodie is a handy, easy-to-use, high-visibility rain jacket that is quick to pull on should a change in…

485,00Kr  299,00Kr

Hurtta pro padded collar  red

Padded Collar   Colour Red, black, blue, brown, green   Size 20-30 cm - 55-65 cm   Description Hurtta's padded Neoprene collars are very…

159,00Kr  95,40Kr

Hurtta safety gaiters

Hurtta Safety gaiters

Available in 3 different colors.

Rosa.gul, orange in the glare.

  Practical gaiters protect…

175,00Kr  156,25Kr

HUrtta slush combat overall color en green

Hurtta Slush combat overalls
Waterproof, Comfortable Design, 3m reflectors, adjustable fit, machine washable, protects hundensben, opening for the harness in the…

445,00Kr  311,50Kr

Hurtta twilightvest color yellow

The Twilight Dog Vest is a multipurpose high-visibility vest that protects your dog from rain and offers enhanced visibility in…

290,00Kr  199,00Kr

Kalbshufe 100st

Kalbshufe 100st 
Kalbshufe are always popular dog treat.
   Raw protein 43,50 %,Raw fat 11,40 %,Raw ash 18,40 %,Minerals 3,30 % Moisture…

750,00Kr  600,00Kr


Reflective Collars

185,00Kr  138,75Kr


Reflective Collars

185,00Kr  123,75Kr

Lifeguard reflective collar

Halvstryp reflective collar

175,00Kr  105,00Kr

LIfeguard y-reflexharness

    Lifeguard Y-reflective harness NOTE YOU CAN DO ADVANCE ORDERS FOR THESE COME IN 1NOVAvailable in pure color: Yellow,…

249,00Kr  150,00Kr

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