Terms of sale

Note by law must be at least 18 years to make orders, or have a guardian's approval. which should lead us to us in writing or in another way. YOU can also do mail order by registering in our online shop and send us an email or telephone order on 0708321060.Svarar we can not we be busy with customers in our store then leave name and number and we will call.

All our prices include 25%. Should VAT change reserves zootropic to change the corresponding.

Prices can be amended only in some of the factors that are not zootropic can influence such as commodity prices, currency fluctuations or amended VAT.

For packages not

Note Packages that do not get picked up, we charge a fee of EUR 45: - for faktureingskostand.Detta to cover expenses was the result oss.Om not that payment will be forwarded to the collection of its Costs entailing + charges, which collection takes.

Binding orders

Have you made a bställning of zootropic is the bindande.Har you placed an order and ejgenom for it we have the right to charge a annuleringsavgift of 15%. Cancellation of the order must be made within 24 hours unless the order has begun processing by us. which is usually held on the following days after the warrant has been ordered.


Normally we deliver to customers 1-14 days, we have the product at home, we send that day efter.Om any goods, we do not have at home is out of stock at our supplier and we will contact you, or if the item is out with leverantören.special orders placed pressure on things may take slightly longer.

Important information regarding changes

Researvation of changes

We reserve the us of any changes that may occur by designing and carrying out only one of our suppliers' products and their förpackningar.Även artwork that we use from our levrantörer may each miss some of it we can not take responsibility for where we are using the pictures we get sent oss.Om the product is temporarily out of stock or of any other andledning can not we skicaks delivery reserves the zootropic to send an equivalent be if any.

Discount Coupon

The code is filled in during rabattkod.Den visible only when you get to the checkout for payment options.

Note: the discount does not appear in your varukorg.Utan when you are in CHECKOUT for confirming your order.


Repayment of a product / goods have been sent in the return is normally done within 30dagar.Var careful to state the correct bank number and your order number and it comes as such a return be. It is to facilitate a faster processing of your data ärende.Felaktiga makes your case senareläggs.Vi attention wer we will not call customers to ask for bank account details or find out what the matter gäller.Sakans any of these tasks waiting on we have to correct information exists to oss.Det is up to each customer to be accurate and provide correct account information to us.


The warranty is for each manufacturer's conditions.


Things to consider when testing a product.

The product shall be protected so it is in original condition just like when you got den.Ett great tips about your dog shed a lot to put a towel over or filt.Varor not oginal condition will not be accepted for return or exchange of such color or size . Below is the law that applies to this.

This is what law applies from the Consumer Agency.

Since there was dog hair on the commodity, was not in original condition. One solution would be that the company will send the quilt to you for cleaning. Another solution might be that you let it clean the quilt, in that you pay a fee for detta.Ni pay for the freight. The distance agreement states that "the consumer may exercise its right of withdrawal only if the product he or she has received are held in essentially unchanged

When the rules are not?
Sometimes it does not apply the rules for home sales.
If you bought something that costs less than SEK 300
the rules do not.

shop in our store or purchase at the exhibitions.
Discounted items are not refundable. When purchased in our store for 7dagars open purchase by receipt.
The goods will then be in original condition.
Money is not given back, but may be levied in goods.
Goods are bought at shows bytes only in our store in 7dagar from buy.

25% VAT included in all priser.Changes VAT, we reserve the right to change our prices the same.

force Majeure
Zootropic is exempt from penalty for failure to perform certain obligations under this Agreement if the failure is due to release factor as described below and circumstances prevent, hinder or delay performance. As the liberating factor to be considered among others. a. The authority's action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, fire, flood, sabotage or accident of significant size. The force majeure includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example. restrictions in the indication, warnings, ban on sale, etc., an abnormal negång in the market.