Cage fan

Cage fan of metal cage, suitable for most metal cages …

Cooler to cage fan

Cooler to cage fan. This cooler attaches easily to burgallret. …

cooling cloth

cooling cloth Dimensions: approximately 65 x 42 cm
Available in 4 different colors:
Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple

D258022 Summertime collar

Summertime collars  The ideal completion for all SUMMERTIME leashes
3 trendy colours: pink, mint, azure
Available in three sizes:37 cm, 46 cm and…


Dog tshirt seaman

The T-shirts are made from cotton and are very fashionable, especially if used with bib pants or lady…

Flexi summertime

 Flexi summertime 5m

The retractable all tape leash
with soft-grip, in a fashionable combination of colours
5 metre all tape
One-hand-operated braking…

Flexi summertime long

 Flexi summertime long 8m The retractable all tape leash
with soft-grip and reflecting components, in a fashionable combination of colours

FP Atlas bike Rapid

FP Atlas bike Rapid Pet basket completle whith fastening system to bike handelbar or bike carrier. In order ensure maxium comfort to…

TX1299 for Bicyel

This box is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small pets weighing up to 6 kg. It is ideal…

TX2427 Tick remover

Tick remover, plastic This tick remover has been developed for a gentle way of removing the ticks completely, so that…

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