Hurtta Safety gaiters

Available in 3 different colors.

Rosa.gul, orange in the glare.

  Practical gaiters protect the dog's fur.

Stays in place even when the dog runs.

Have effective reflection that makes the dog more visible at night.

Gaiters are provided with adjustment mechanisms at the top, center and bottom, which allows them to be adjusted in the right size. .

Gaiters are fitted with info patch that you can write the owner's phone number on.

Color: Black with neon glare, such as pink, yellow, orange,


Size Guide:

S) Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle.

M) Novia Scotia retriever wheaten terrier, English springer spaniel.

L) Afghan Dog, bearded collie, poodle.

XL) Leonberger, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Newfoundland

Link to Hurtta recommended rasguide:
(NB measured for correct size)

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