Safety Scarf is designed for dogs with long hair, for which reflective collars and harnesses sinks into pälsen.Mycket liked by those who live in the big city. The scarf can be used with collars and harnesses. Product material is light and pleasant. With the help of the adjustable kardborrspännet dressed quickly and conveniently on the scarf. In scarfens middle of the dog's name or association logo printed or embroidered. The scarf has an info note in the neck that you can write the owner's phone number on.

Available in colors: Yellow and Neon Pink


Storlek S passar: Dvärgpinscher, Tax, Jack Russel terrier
Storlek M passar: Nova Scotia retriever, Labrador retriever, Shetland sheepdog
Storlek L passar: Golden retriever, Belgisk vallhund, Newfoundlandshund

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