The Micro Vest is an…

Hurrta lifeguard roop leash

Colour Yellow, orange, pink Size 8mm*120/150/180cm Description Sturdy and…

Hurtta lifeguard padded harness

ACCESSORIES Padded harness Colour Yellow, orange, pink Size 35-120 Description This Neoprene-padded reflective harness is an ergonomic alternative to…

Hurtta Lifeguard reflexset neon pink 5 pcs in set

Hurtta Lifeguard reflexset neon pink 5 pcs in set
Elastic reflections that …

Hurtta lifeguard Sicherheits-Schal

Sicherheits-Schal Safety Scarf is designed for dogs with long hair, for which…

Hurtta lifeguard storm Hoodie

The Storm Hoodie is a handy, easy-to-use, high-visibility rain jacket that is quick to pull on should a change in…

Hurtta safety gaiters

Hurtta Safety gaiters

Available in 3 different colors.

Rosa.gul, orange in the glare.

  Practical gaiters protect the dog's fur.

Stays in place even…

Hurtta twilightvest color yellow

The Twilight Dog Vest is a multipurpose high-visibility vest that protects your dog from rain and offers enhanced visibility in…


Reflective Collars

Lifeguard reflective collar

Halvstryp reflective collar

LIfeguard y-reflexharness

Lifeguard Y-reflective harness …

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