Cooling vest makes it more comfortable for the dog in hot weather and strong solksken.produkten is ideal for summer training for active dogs and for dog shows outdoors.Västen cool the dog's back and chest, and makes the heat more uthärdlig.Västen have adjustable belt and collar and a removable magstycke . On the back side is a ööpning where the leash can be pulled through if you use a harness.

What to do:
Rinse the vest firmly in cold water. Wring out the vest until no longer drops. The vest works by the cooling effect that occurs when water evaporates. How long is the cooling effect lasts depends on luftenstempratur and fuktuíghet and size of the dog.

NOTE! A dog with a cooling vest can not be left unattended in hot väder.Västens effect diminishes as the feed dryers.
Available in colors purple and blue.

Sizes: 25,,50.55,60,65,70,80

25cm:Chihuahua, papillon

30cm:Jack Russel, Mops

35cm: Dvärg pudel, Dvärg Schnuzer

40cm: Shetland Sheepdog, Borderterrier

45cm: Cockerspaniel Pumi

50cm: Schnauzer, Tollare

55cm: Bordercollie, Weaten terrier

60cm: Dalmatiner, Irlänsk setter

65cm:Golden retriver, Afghanhund

70cm:Boxer, Hovavart

75cm: New foundland, Berner sennen

80cm Grand Danois, Irlänsk varghund.

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