Stake out spike, 40 cm / ø 9 mm …



131001 Flexi classic 1- 5m ,2-5

 Flexi classic 1. It is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small…

119,00Kr  113,05Kr

131030 Flexi classic long 1-7m

Classic Long 1 7meter
   For small dogs up to approx. 12 kg


131200 Flexi classic 3-5m

Classic 3
   For large dogs up to approx. 50 kg

175,00Kr  166,25Kr

131301 Flexi Giant

• 8 metre tape leash
• For especially large and powerful dogs up to approx. 75 kg
• Stable soft grip

519,00Kr  493,05Kr

Flexi black & white 5m

Flexi black & white 5m Very orginel design.Det is with rope.

Very sturdy casing, Chrome cabin hook.

Product weight…


Flexi rockstar

Flexi rockstar we have only 6 st of this . 3 of each ine. It is unic flexi. Max 20kg 5m.…

225,00Kr  135,00Kr

TX1340 flasch light

’Flasher’ for dogs, ø 1 cm, chromium-plated …


TX2291 Tie out cable with shock-absorbing spring

TX2291Tie out cable with shock-absorbing spring   This tie out cable with shock-absorbing spring has a weatherproof plastic coat. Not every dog…


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