Exchanges & Returns



BandwidthWhen replacing a product is the customer for the freight to us and postage back to who is the shipping price is from 39kr.byte of special orders made ej.Byten Nor does it not received the following:. It must be returned in original packaging . embalaget it came i.förpackningmatreial, product notes, etc. must retuneras again. package to be sealed well. We solve nor out pakcket by mail or DHL förskott.byten should also be made in 14dagar then count the days that we have the goods with us.

The right of withdrawal - 14 day cooling off period.


If you are not satisfied with the item you bought has 14dagar cooling-off period under the Act. After you have received the goods. The item must be received within 14dagar.Denna law applies to all goods that are traded on the internet. The right to cancel does not apply if the goods have been unpacked or used, or one made any specialbeställning.Den be returned in original förpackning.embalaget it came i.förpackningmatreial, product notes, etc. must retuneras again. package to be sealed well. If you uttnytjar your right of withdrawal is the customer for shipping & handling costs.

Note the good is in new condition JUST LIKE WHEN YOU GOT THE GOODS.

The customer pays for itself transportskadorna.Först after we have received the goods back and we can conclude that the product is not damaged or used we will refund your money as the item has kostat.Vi pay back within 30dagar ..

Remember that everything emaballage, tagsinformationsmtrl, förpackningmtrl, product notes, etc., shall retuneras hella clean and package must be sealed väl.Alla packages (blixterförpackningar) are not approved for withdrawal.

Returns / Exchange Right and Guarantees


Do not contact is made before the replacement of a product / goods, we will not accept the return.

We pick up nor out the item / s if contact is made with us before.

Always contact us before you make a complaint or replace a auction. Warranty on all products for manufacturing defects or material defects, according to the respective general agent conditions.

We are committed to change course, defective or damaged products.
For defects in goods or faulty goods we will pay return shipping cost of course.
Visible defects must be reported directly to the driver or to the cashier in
post office or to DHL's utlämingsställe or DHL will andhas delivers to your home. Dissolve in such cases is not the package.
Hidden defects must be reported to us within 3 days.
We follow the Consumer Complaints Board Recommendation

All customers who send back parcel to us without contacting us first pick, we do not like and agree not return and the item must be in same condition as when you got den.Är no product in the same condition as when you got it, we will not to approve return. It must be that way as new as you got it so we can sell the form or password suggestions not the item in original condition is the buyer for shipping back.

Do you still retunera product or change the size and the goods not in original condition, we will charge you with 250.-/st + new cargo for the size you want back.

This is what law applies from the Consumer Agency.

Since there was dog hair on the item, it was not in original condition. One solution could be that the company will send the quilt to you for cleaning. Another solution might be to you allows the company to clean the blanket, against that you pay a fee for detta.Ni account for shipping. The distance agreement states that "the consumer may exercise his right only if the product he or she has received are held in essentially unchanged

When the rules are not?
Sometimes it does not apply the rules for home sales.
If you bought something that costs less than SEK 300
the rules do not.

Damaged Packages

If you discover damage after you opened the package, please contact one of our frakbolag. DHL 0771345345 promptly.

save the receipt you got when you bought out the package